laundry room plans (& mood board)

If you’ve been following us, you know that we are not DIYers and we don’t pretend to be either. It comes with good reason. We bought our house ten years ago, tried all of that in year one and two and soon realized that it was SO much easier for us to save up and have the jobs we wanted (properly) done by professionals. It’s not that we don’t want to do things ourselves, it’s just that we both work full time in pretty demanding jobs and trying to find the time in between everything else, let alone the energy – we just know where our strengths and weaknesses lie.

NOW – with that said – guess what? We are going to TRY to reno our laundry room ourselves. I laugh typing this, because I know exactly how this is going to go – there will be bickering, fighting, giving up, walking away, half-assed jobs, screw ups, total fails, late nights, all weekenders and even the possibility of knowing that we should have just waited and hired the project out. But sometimes – okay often times, I don’t want to wait and I just want to get the project done plus I really don’t want a ton of trades in my house with COVID hanging around – SO – here we go and here are our plans.


Our laundry room will be in our basement. It is currently a semi-finished room, and by semi-finished I mean the previous owners had wood paneling and carpeting down. We are going to tear it all out, paint the ceiling, tile the floor (a skill I’ve always wanted to learn), build a wall so that we can hide all our holiday junk, frame out the stairs and add a boatload of storage. We lack storage in our house – I’m convinced they didn’t hold onto things in the 50’s – and so we will be adding a full wall of cabinets to make up for it. We will have to hire out for the new plumbing since the washer and dryer are currently on the other side of the basement AND I am not messing with that!


For the design, I want to continue the black and white that we have throughout the house AND I’m going to to do the one thing I said I would NEVER do, which is wallpaper the back wall with the washer and dryer. We spent three weeks tearing out wallpaper in our house when we bought it and I never want to do that EVER again, but there are a lot of really pretty prints out right now so I’m going for it. It’s turning into the ‘never say never’ project, really.

Sources: Wallpaper | Light Fixture | Pulls | Knobs | Rug | Floor Tile | Cabinets | Hanging Rack

Excuse the poor graphic below, but I wanted to give you a visual of the space.


And just for fun – here it is in its current state!

We will be hiding all these pipes behind a wall and using that space to store Christmas decorations.

What do you think? Do you think we will actually finish it on our own?!


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