a simple trick that will save your rugs

We bought the wool plaid area rug in our family room last year and it was E X P E N S I V E. As should be, it’s a high quality wool from New Zealand. One of my design professors would have said it came from ‘happy’ sheep.

Wool rugs are great for your home. They are naturally non-allergenic, easy to clean, regulate the humidity in your room, durable, crush and static resistant and CAN be exceptionally soft. Not all wools are created equal though. Seeing as though wool is a natural product you have to consider the environment around the sheep to understand the quality – the better the environment, the ‘happier’ the sheep and the higher quality and softer wool you will get. If you think about sheep from New Zealand (where the wool from our rug is from), they typically run around green pastures, in clean air, eat a variety of green, healthy things so their fur will be healthier, softer and lead to a better product. Sheep from India will typically eat a browner diet (straw), breathe more polluted air and not have a lot of the green, open spaces to run around making for ‘lesser’ happy sheep and a stiffer, rougher product. It will still provide the same qualities as the ‘happier’ sheep, but will feel scratchier on your feet. It will also come at a much cheaper price tag, which is usually an easy tell for anyone looking for a wool rug and its quality.


So, why did I just tell you all of that? Because when you spend a lot of money on good product you want it to last and the easiest way to make any rug last is to rotate it every six months to prevent wear and tear in the same spots! That’s it! That’s my secret and below is a fun time lapse Andrew and I did to document that we just rotated our rug this weekend.


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