almost friday

almost friday

Our replacement slip cover for the pink couch arrived this week and guess what? — it doesn’t match the couch cushions now! Even though it’s supposed to be the same fabric, it definitely was not cut from the same batch and now we have a two-toned couch. I have been working with this company since August and I still do not have a final product that we are happy with. And I swear I am not being picky either, everything that could go wrong certainly has. I just want my money back now at this point and want to find a different option.

I used rub and buff for the first time this week. Have you used it? I used it on an old frame, but I think I put too much on it and it left what looks like gritty sand paper in some spots. Definitely practice on something first before trying it for the first time! It’s actually a really cool product that can give you a pretty metallic finish on things, but using too much (like I did) can cause issues.

I bought this sweater on sale last week and LOVE it.

We are adding doors to the lower section of our bookshelves and I bought these knobs for the doors and these finger pulls for the desk drawers. Very excited for those. I think they will add a little something to the drawers.

I found a new face scrub that I am in love with. It makes your face so smooth and adds an ACTUAL glow at the same time. I can’t say that for all products.

Also, the Schoolhouse bedding sale is still happening. The pretty popcorn grid coverlet that we have on our bed is $40 off – that’s a pretty good sale for schoolhouse! I’m hoping for a lighting sale one of these days so that I can get our wall sconces for the living room.

If you missed the living room update this week on the blog you can read it here. And if you need something warm and tasty this weekend, try my chicken minestrone.

One more day until the weekend!

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