living room update

WE ARE MAKING P R O G R E S S! Feels good to say that!

Last week we …

  • ordered this couch (WHAT? You actually made up your mind?)
  • met with our wood friend, Jim to get the new baseboards going (and some extra work on the bookshelves in the family room)
  • picked out a coffee table design (for Jim to make, but am going to wait for the new couch to come in to make sure we have the dimensions that we want)
  • and today the replacement of the slip cover for the pink couch finally arrives! That was a project we started last August, but sadly the first one didn’t fit correctly and then the customer service agent we were working with fell off the face of earth and it took two months to finally get someone to pay attention to us – but hey – it’s here. Cross your fingers for us that it ACTUALLY fits this time!

I also took my new sewing machine out of the box yesterday which means I am one step closer to teaching myself how to sew pillow covers (it’s only been sitting on the dining room table since Christmas). Maybe we will actually get this room done after all!

Next we need to pick a paint color. Paint. Pick out some sconces and mirror for over the fireplace. And WAIT for everything else!

On a side note, we are doing a little work on the bookshelves in the family room. I asked Jim to make eight doors for the lower part of the built-ins and also bring the bookshelves to the ceiling. We will take down the plantation shutter between the shelves and replace with a roman shade. I even ordered fabric samples from Select Blinds already. We used them for the other roman shades in our house and have no complaints.

And we met with our plumber last week too. Moving the washer to the other side of the basement is possible, now we just wait and see at what price. I’m thinking that is going to be a doozy.

Here’s to checking things off our list!

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