almost friday

almost friday: the first one of 2020

Hope you all had happy holidays!

We spent a lot of it bundled up in the house, relaxing and also talking about what we want to do to the house this year. I think this is the year of the scary basement if all goes as planned! I was driving home from work one day last month when I figured out the layout in my head and what we should do – sometimes a commute has its ups! If you missed our 2020 plans you can read about it here.

Yesterday our Christmas present to each other arrived. We decided to invest in a really good espresso machine to cut back on all the Starbucks we drink. I read this article that talked about three things millionaires never spend their money on and one guy said he never spends money on coffee. When I told Andrew about it we decided this was the year that we cut back on the coffee shops (we drink a lot of coffee). After a lot of research (and thankfully, Andrew’s grandma gave us a very generous check for Christmas) we were able to buy this machine. Very excited to start using it!

Speaking of Christmas presents, I asked my mom for a sewing machine. This year I am going to teach myself how to sew. I want to be able to make pillow covers and hem our own curtains – maybe Andrew’s pants, too if he is lucky. I like to learn new things and I like to teach myself new things, so why not try learning something useful this year?!

Have you been watching the all construction and renovating on ChrisLovesJulia? Their dinning room floor was laid this week and I am completely in love. I have always wanted a black and white floor in my house. Might have to consider it in the laundry room but on a much smaller budget. I’ve been pinning some ideas on our Pinterest page for the laundry room if you want to see where my initial thoughts are for the design.

Happy almost Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!

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