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2020 projects

Consider this list the equivalent of our New Year’s resolution for house projects. These are the things we are hoping to accomplish in 2020, but should we fail we will not hold ourselves accountable – much like any resolution we’ve ever made (ha!)!

Living Room:

  • Get the room D O N E! It’s been almost six months since we first started this project. Our goal was to have it wrapped up by the end of 2019, but life got in the way.
  • Finally get a slip cover that fits the couch – Six months later and we still don’t have a product we’re happy with for the pink couch. Hoping to resolve this with the company in the next few weeks.
  • Order a couch – We want to add another couch to this room to change the layout and we think we’ve narrowed it down after getting a million fabric samples.
  • Paint the walls – It’s been more than five years since we painted this room and it needs a fresh coat.
  • New baseboards – The originals are still in this room and they have seen better days.
  • Commission a coffee table
  • Figure out sconces and placement

The Scary Basement:

  • Reconfigure the basement. This will certainly be a larger project for us. We ultimately would like to swap the current ‘storage’ side with the ‘laundry room’ to make for a bigger laundry/mudroom-like/storage/crafting space AKA multipurpose room. We are currently getting bids and seeing what is possible.

Family Room:

  • Bring the bookshelves to the ceiling and possibly add light fixtures (picture lights)
  • Commission doors for lower cabinets on bookshelves
  • Replace windows sashes
  • Remove plantation shutter and add a roman shade


  • New overhead light.
  • Create a coffee bar. Time to cut back on the Starbucks.

Stairwell to the upstairs

  • Update the handrail – The original to the house is leading to the upstairs in all its golden mid-century oak glory. Time to tone it down.


  • Replace the remaining windows sashes. It would be nice to be able to see OUT of the window.

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