almost friday

almost friday

Have you been watching Making It on NBC? Last night was the finale and I cannot get over how creative and talented some people are in this world. Also, I love that they played all the episodes in two weeks. I feel like it was cable’s version of Netflix.

Speaking of crafting, I read this article yesterday about the benefits of crafting and how it is the “antidote to the stresses and pressures of modern living.” In short, it basically says crafting creates many of the same benefits that mindfulness activities like coloring, exercise, or rhythmic breathing can.

If you want to de-stress and unplug a little this holiday season while making something pretty for your presents, try making these cute holly sprigs from the Magnolia blog. I am going to make some this weekend on top of all the cookies we are baking for people. I think I will tie them to all of the bags for a little decoration. I will probably scale back the holly leaves a bit and just find some heavy green card stock instead of their multi layered approach.

Need some cookie inspiration for your holiday baking? You can read ten cookies everyone will love here.

Also, we made reservations at a new cocktail lounge for New Year’s Eve this year. It’s the first time in FOREVER that we are planning to go out. We typically spend the night making pot stickers (something Andrew’s dad taught us) and watching TV – bourbon is usually involved, too. We have quite the collection in the bar in our kitchen if you haven’t noticed (the good stuff is hiding in the cabinets).

Looking for a New Year’s outfit? Below are ten shiny outfits for whatever your plans might be. I personally would love the first dress, but my plans don’t really require something that dressy.

Staying in? Maybe on the couch with a glass of something and some Netflix? New pajamas or sweats might be needed for the occasion.

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