almost friday

almost friday

Everyone’s holiday decor on Instagram is so gorgeous right now. I feel like the garland game is strong this year with really big displays of it and I am loving every moment of it! Here are few other things that I am also loving:

16 personalities

I know everyone still loves the enneagram, but I found this personality test called 16 personalities that I think is fun, too. This one is based more on your Meyers Briggs score, but takes it one step further and talks more how you are in your romantic relationships, friendships, parenthood, as well as your career path, workplace habits and your strengths and weaknesses. It even tells you which celebrities are the same personality as you.

gadget maverick

Andrew discovered this on Instagram this week and we both just said, why didn’t we think of that!? There have been so many home projects where this tool would have been useful! Flooring for sure, but really anything with an odd measurement.

a useful trick for hanging art

I saw this video on facebook this week for a hack to help you hang a frame with the wire on the back. We will definitely be trying this next time. I always struggle trying to find the back wire for the nail!

family pajamas

When looking for other things to check off our holiday shopping list, I found this site for family pajamas. AND THEY ARE SO CUTE! Plus they have a huge variety – beyond just the typical holiday designs. I loved the gnome design and all of the little extras you can buy to go along with it and the Star Wars Christmas ones were cute too (and I don’t even like those movies!).

gift wrapping ideas

Do you theme your wrapping or are you one of those people that absolutely hate wrapping presents? I like wrapping presents so I hate to admit it, but I do theme wrap. This year was a mix of christmas plaid, kraft paper and natural ribbons and tags. Here is a fun guide for a little wrapping inspo.

pickle ornament

Have you heard of the pickle ornament tradition? We learned of it a couple years ago and started doing it ever since. You can read about it here, might be a fun new tradition to start with your family if you don’t do it already.

Happy almost weekend!

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