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I love to decorate our Christmas tree. We usually have two in our house, a pretty one in the living room and one that is a little more fun in the family room. An easy way to help your tree look full is to add garland. I have a ton of options in our Christmas boxes that I have made over the years. I’ve also found that garland is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to decorate your tree.

Here are some pretty and affordable ways you can trim your tree.

Paper Chain – Have you ever thought about taking an old book and cutting the pages into strips to make a paper chain? I did this a few years ago when we were gifted several copies of a book that we didn’t want (it’s a long story) so I took one of the books and turned it into more useful. You could also go to a second hand store and buy and old novel for $1 and do this – you can even call it vintage then!

Ribbons – Find a fun ribbon (like this pom pom one) and string it around your tree. Looking for a more classic look? Cut small pieces and tie it on the end of the branches. I used this black and white ribbon last year to do just that.

Chain Stitch – I took a few of my favorite yarns one year put them together and made chain stitch garland. I found if you put together at least three yarns (one variegated usually adds a little interest) and chain stitch them together it adds a little more width to the garland and makes it more noticeable on your tree. Don’t know how to chain stitch? Learn here.

Wood Beads – Wood beads seem to be having their moment in the sun right and people are paying a lot of money for a small string of them for decor. I suggest to start googling them for some inspo and then head to you local craft or bead store and stock up to make a pretty garland on your own. Chances are it will be cheaper than what you can find to buy online.

Also – look in your kitchen! Popcorn, cranberries and dried oranges (read about our experience here) and even marshmallows are all great options to string on your tree (or string on your mantle)!

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