almost friday

almost friday

We went back to the gym last week – looking for stress reduction, but all I found was pain. I just walked around in serious pain all week after three days of ‘working out’. I can’t believe how much your muscles can hurt from not using them. Serves me right for being as lazy as I have been.

Our custom slip cover arrived yesterday, but sadly the arms are a bit janky so I’m hoping for a resolution on that soon so that I can share what it looks like and what direction we are going in for the living room.

Starbucks is launching their holiday cups today. I always love watching the fuss people make over them. I actually really like the designs this year. They are happy, clean and modern. If you haven’t seen them take a look here.

We made this Asian Caramel Slow Cooker Pork for dinner last night and it might just be my favorite thing ever. Plus, we use the leftovers for naan pizzas the next day with pineapple, red onion and cilantro. Be sure to save some of the sauce to drizzle over the top of the pork – SO good!

I’m really loving all the holiday outfits popping up right now, but if I was forced to dress up and go to a holiday party (which I never am), this is totally what I would wear. I love the classic fair isle pattern and love that it is a skirt and sweater. It looks so warm comfortable, perfect if you have to leave your house during the holidays (ha!).

I added three things to my make up bag in the last month: this blush, a neutral eyeshadow (color is ivory pink in a matte finish) and a new mascara – and love them all. The blush looks like it might be a bit extreme, but it actually goes on really light and pretty. I also pair it with this bronzer for a little more of a glow. The eyeshadow is perfect for day wearing and covers everything while giving a fresh look. And the mascara is great because it doesn’t clump at all and separates your lashes really well. It also comes off really easy too, which is a total bonus.

In case you missed it – this week on the blog I talked about whether or not weighted blankets work and provided some options for you. Gave you some tips and ideas to get your guest bathroom ready for all those people during the holidays. And don’t forget the mini office makeover from last week!

Happy Almost Friday! One day closer to the weekend!

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