weighted blankets: do they work?

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I’ve read and heard a lot of hype about weighted blankets recently.

I’ve read they were great for anxiety. Great for kids with anxiety or ADHD. That they can help those with Restless Leg Syndrome. They can help anyone sleep better… and can help keep you asleep. There are a ton of them out there – even Pottery Barn has one! But do they work? And how?

Weighted blankets work in a way that’s similar to an OT technique called deep touch pressure therapy (DTP). Pressure on the body can increase the release of serotonin in the brain. This neurotransmitter is sometimes called the “happy” chemical because it creates a sense of calm and well-being.


I decided to buy into the hype, because I am curious person by nature and could always use a better, more restful night’s sleep, so I bought this one.

When I was researching these blankets I learned they are not all the same. Some are the size of throw blankets, some are the size of an actual comforter (the one I bought is a queen-sized comforter), some are just the circumference of your bed and no bigger, some keep you cool, and maybe the most important thing to know – they are all different weights. They say if you are using it more for a throw blanket then it should be ten percent of your body weight. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, look for a 15 pound blanket. The queen and king sized comforters come in more standard weights, with the queen sized one typically at 20 pounds and the king at 25 pounds. They all say you can add a couple of pounds on to your recommended weight for more pressure, too.

First Impression

When I took it out of the box – IT WAS HEAVY. They’re definitely not joking about the 20 pounds. It takes a little strength to lift it, especially when it’s not all wrapped up. But once on, it felt like I had several blankets layered on top of me (weight wise, not heat wise). Another way to describe it is like a lightly pressured hug. I found it to be pretty relaxing right away and could definitely get behind having a throw blanket like this when watching TV.

I liked it right out of the box and sitting on my couch, but how about sleeping?

Sleeping With It

This blanket definitely helps me fall asleep faster. When you put your entire body under it (arms included) it really does feel like someone is hugging you to sleep. I especially love sleeping on my side and having it fall on each side of me. It feels like someone is totally cuddling you.

Overall, I have slept so much better thanks to this blanket. I definitely do not move around as much with it, so if you are a restless sleeper I think it could help you. I think it also helps you to stay asleep. I have not woken up nearly as much during the night. In fact, there have been nights where I have stayed asleep the entire night, which is REALLY rare for me. The only negative to this blanket is when I have woken up and tried to fall asleep in a different position the blanket is hard to move due to its weight. I have to give it a really good tug to get up and over my shoulders when it has fallen a bit (having a footboard on our bed would help with this), but once in place I usually fall right back to sleep.

What about heat? Surprisingly, I really don’t think it traps any more heat than a typical blanket. However, I don’t see myself wanting to sleep with this in the summer months just from the weight alone. Maybe if I bought a cooling one, but I didn’t think about that until after I bought it.

Overall, I think this is a great investment in better sleep. My husband would also agree with this statement. He did not think he would like it after trying it right of the box, but has admitted to sleeping better since we have owned it. In my opinion, the hype is real. Weighted blankets work.

Here are few options for weighted blankets, from throws to comforters, kids to adults:

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