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get your bathroom guest ready

The holidays are upon us and that means guests in your home! Which also means this is when you put out your pretty hand towels, the good smelling hand soap and candles (with a unique box of matches) and pull it all together with a small vase of greens or flowers for the one room that will get the most use – the guest bathroom! And then, of course, you pretend that this is how you always have it (ha!).

Below is a round up of hand towels, soaps, candles, matches and small vases to easily (and quickly) pull your bathroom together to impress all of your impending guests!

Let’s start with hand towels!

And then add a pretty hand soap…

Don’t forget a candle!

And a neat box of matches or a match striker to put next to it.

Pull it all together with a small vase of fresh greens or flowers.

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