almost friday

almost friday: a random smattering of last week

I thought winding down our football season would mean we would have more time, but with trying to get the house ready for the winter and all that goes into that – we have been busy. We said good-bye to the patio this week (so sad!) and started to organize the house a little bit – mainly purging the basement since that becomes the landing spot for things we don’t want to get rid of right away. But with all of that here is what else we did this last week:

what i bought

My birthday is in October, which means my email is full of birthday coupons from anywhere that has a reward program so of course I had to use them! Plus with Schoolhouse’s 15% off last week to email subscribers I was able to pick up some things I’ve been eyeing for a long time now. I bought a couple things for Christmas from Anthropologie, a weighted comforter to hopefully sleep better, a new lamp for the office and some new outdoor lights to try!

our favorite new show

Have you watched The Unicorn on CBS? I never watch cable (still have it, but rarely watch it!) but my mom told me to watch this show and now it’s one of my favorite things to watch on Thursday nights. It’s about a recently widowed dad raising his two teenage daughters and their lives with their friends and family. It’s cute and funny and makes you feel good.

a winter hat i can get behind

I found this hat on Anthropologie last weekend – kinda bummed I didn’t buy it (still time though!), but thought I would share. You get to pick your hat color and then you can switch out the pom pom! I love it!

what we are being for halloween

We love Halloween – more so handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters and we usually dress up just for that. This year, Andrew and I decided to be Elliot and Gertie from ET. I bought these black overalls from Old Navy to complete the look and Andrew this basic red sweatshirt (he should definitely be comfortable all night!). My only regret is that I thought about our costumes too late and already bought all of our candy. If I would have thought about it sooner I would have only bought Reese’s Pieces to hand out!

juniper print shop

Did you hear that Juniper Print Shop is releasing a new print everyday until Black Friday? If you are looking for new, affordable art in your house I would highly recommend this site. There is a variety of styles and ways to print/order all of the pieces.

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