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almost friday: five projects to watch on instagram

The One Room Challenge is kicking off this week, which means there will be a lot of fun projects to watch and follow, but I thought I would share some of my favorite accounts that have some projects to watch right now, projects that are about to start or accounts that are constantly working on great things.

All the names link back to their Instagram accounts so you can follow along!


WHY? I love following Ashley because I always learn something from her. I really appreciate her focus on being environmentally conscience plus she usually shares something interesting like her recent fig beetle saga. Now she is gearing up for a kitchen remodel in her historic house in California. The back and forth permit process was really educational and I’m glad that it was her instead of me pulling permits for a historic home! I look forward to seeing what her kitchen looks like after all is said and done. But do know she is doing this real time, which means the planning process is still in full effect. I love that she is highlighting more of the planning side right now, because a major renovation doesn’t happen in six weeks!


WHY? Clara is a California (Bay Area) interior designer that always has a fun project to watch in her stories. Almost everyday she posts what she is working on for her clients and I just love her style. She always mixes color, clean designs and fun tile into her work. So if you’re not following her already I would highly suggest doing so now – she provides lots of inspiration!


WHY? Because this Michigan couple is tackling what seems to be every room in their house right now – with a lot of it being done by themselves, too. They post their progress in their stories and on their blog AND they haven’t even started any of the major (kitchen or bathrooms) rooms yet. You can also see their last (beautiful) house on their Instagram page.


WHY? Her staircase. I’m obsessed with this project. She recently hired a team to come into her Chicago home and remove the paint from her unbelievably beautiful and century old staircase. Her stories documented the painstaking process and now she is looking to paint the rest. Follow her to see the next steps (HA! – no pun intended).


WHY? This Portland couple is renovating their kitchen (and house, but current project is the kitchen) and by renovating, I mean they are doing everything – even building the cabinets. They take you along every step of the building process and should you ever need a tip or two they save it all in their stories. You can also follow along with their blog.

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