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house numbers: figuring out the right size

Changing up your house numbers can be a fun way to add a little character to the outside your house. Last year we upgraded to eight inch ones – pretty giant, but I felt like our house could handle it.

House numbers should be at least 4-6 inches tall, face the street side of your house and have a bold, clean font in order for them to best be seen. Smaller, skinnier fonts can be really difficult to read. Color is also important to think about. If you have a dark house, think about silver or brass letters and if you have a light house, black or bronze is best.

The smartest thing I did before we ordered new numbers was print off a set of four, six and eight inch numbers and hung them on our house to figure out which ones we liked best. This also gave us the opportunity to play around with displaying them vertically or horizontally.

Below are the printable PDFs that you can download to figure out which size you think looks best before purchasing new house numbers.

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