almost friday

almost friday: couples q & a

Just for fun we decided to ask each other five questions, blindly. After knowing each other for fifteen years you would think we would be able to guess each other’s answers, but surprisingly we learned a lot from doing this!

Andrew to Justine

A: Would you rather go into the past and meet your ancestors or go into the future and meet your great-great-grandchildren?

J: Starting off deep! I think I would rather go back and meet the people that came together to create my family. We can learn so much from our past and I would like to ask them things that I could later pass down to the next generation.

A: What would you want to tell your seven-year-old self?

J: Time doesn’t necessarily heal all wounds, but it can help make things better – so just be patient. Be kind to others, we all have something that we are dealing with. Enjoy the time that you have with your family. Leave the negative behind, its not worth dwelling on. Explore as much as possible. Always be willing to try something new. You are a lot braver than what you tell yourself.

A: If given the choice would you rather have the ability to play any musical instrument or speak any language? Depending on your answer, explain what instrument or language and why you chose it.

J: Good question. As you know, I don’t have a musical bone in my body, but I did take Spanish for more than 10 years so I am wanting to say musical instrument, because that seems so foreign to me. I would want to play a string instrument, maybe the cello. I am always amazed by people that play anything with a string and make it sound so good!

A: What trip have you enjoyed most in your life?

J: Barcelona. I loved that we went to one city for a week and just explored it unlike our other trips to Europe where we jumped from city to city or country to country. Not having to travel in between the trip was a blessing. I always say Europe is not a relaxing vacation, because you are always on the go. It was so nice just to stay in one spot and take it slow as we meandered throughout the city. It also helped that Barcelona was so beautiful with so many different things to do and eat.

A: What game show do you know that you could win?

J: Supermarket sweep. I loved that show so much growing up, which is ironic considering how much I hate grocery shopping now as adult!

Justine to Andrew

J: Describe your ideal day.

A: My ideal day would start with breakfast – either from one of our favorite joints or something new from one of our cookbooks. If it’s at home then breakfast outside on our patio would be even better. Follow that up by a walk around the neighborhood or playing nine holes at the par-three golf course down the road from our house. Grab some lunch from our favorite deli and eat it while sitting in our ENOs in the park. Take a nap together on the couch. Drink about 2 1/2 pots of coffee throughout the entire day. Cook a dinner that takes all day to be made or something that we can cook together. Drinks on the patio, dinner on the patio and fall asleep accidentally on the patio.

J: If you could learn one new skill, what would it be?

A:  I am torn between learning to speak a foreign language, being able to bake anything I wanted, or having the ability to build anything.

J: What is your favorite room in our house?

A: Based on my previous answer one might think the patio. But since the patio is not in our house, that’s a tough choice. I am inclined to go with our kitchen or our bedroom. Every room is cozy, but I find the most peace in those rooms.

J: What would be your dream job?

A: My mind first goes to something within the sports world. I believe I would be very happy as a football coach (at any level). I also have enjoyed dipping my toes into the world of fantasy football as an analyst and writer so that would be fun, too. Another one that came to mind was opening up a restaurant or becoming a baker. I’ve always had a strong connection to food. There’s something very therapeutic about creating something from nothing. To provide one more, since it my dream job, I’d love to teach or play golf on a professional level.

J: Where do you want to go on vacation next?

A: Thailand. Just kidding, that was to get a rise out of you. I know you don’t like crazy long flights. There are various places in Europe that I would love to travel and even South America, but Hawaii is at the top on my list right now. Definitely Switzerland and Patagonia, too if the opportunity presented itself.

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