a simple, but perfect change

As you may know we were looking at changing the light fixtures in our kitchen. I recently found a pendant light that I fell in love with and thanks to Rejuvenation‘s recent Labor Day sale I was able to get them for 20% off plus free shipping. I spent a lot of time looking for the right fixture. I wanted something that would obviously fit with our kitchen and I wanted something that had a timeless design, but still gave it a modern feel. I think these lights do just that.

The lights were custom made, so I could get them at the length, color and shade I wanted, but with that I knew they could not be returned. That made me think on them a little longer than a typical home purchase. I made them about an inch longer than our previous fixture so now they hang 31 inches from the ceiling. That extra inch weirdly makes a difference. The little walnut accent fits nicely in the kitchen, too. And I also like that if I get bored with the shades I can swap them out for a different shape in the future. I also like the fabric cord. It softens the fixture overall without it being metal. Little details that all added up to why I picked them in the first place.

When we hung them this weekend it was like they were always to supposed to be in our kitchen. I love when you make a change and it ends up being one you don’t question or second guess and thankfully these fixtures were just that. They even made me love the black wall sconce over the sink more. I think taking out the extra brass with the old fixtures made the whole room feel more cohesive and they don’t compete with anything, but rather just blend in now. I love mixing metals (and we do still have mixed metals in our kitchen with our hardware), but this is one case where keeping it all the same really helped with the overall look and feel I was hoping to achieve in our kitchen.

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