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bathroom floor template: get the same design

I love the tile floor in our bathroom. The minute I saw the design I knew I wanted it, but I had NO idea how easy it was to achieve or how affordable it was. Here is what you will need to get the same look.

  • 12″ x 24″ sheets of 1″ white and black hexagon porcelain tiles (see below)
  • A good x-acto knife or blade to cut the glue dots on the back of the sheet
  • stickers or colored tape to mark off the pattern

You can get the tiles at pretty much any large/big box hardware store. Here is a calculator to help you figure out the square footage for your floor.

Start by taking one sheet of the white tile and placing it in front of you. There are 20 tiles across each row and 12 rows. Find the center on the top row and count four rows down – place a sticker or piece of tape on that tile. Next, skip one row and place a sticker directly below the first sticker. On the next row, place four stickers, two on each side from the center and then one more below that. Skip a row and place another sticker in the center like the photo below. You should have two remaining rows without stickers.

When you have the design exactly like the photo take your knife and cut out the tiles with the stickers. There are little glue dots (or sometimes rows of tape) on the back of the sheets that make it easy to do so.

Next, cut off some black tiles from the sheet so that you have individual pieces to fill in your missing tiles from your white sheet.

To finish the look, take the black tiles and place them in the white sheet like below.

You will need to take out the black tiles before moving or laying the tile, I did this so that you could see how to complete the look. When you or your contractor lays the white sheets down you will then individually place the black hexagons into the sheets.

Now that you have the pattern you can use your first sheet as a template for the others that you need to cut out to complete the floor.

Note – when you are cutting out your sheets be sure to always line them up with either two rows of tile at the top or three so that you do not mix them up when you are laying it down. It is very easy to switch one and then your entire pattern will be off.

When you have all of your sheets cut you can begin to lay them all out to see how they look together. The black lines below show you where the edges are of each sheet.

When you are ready to tile it look more like this:

And a completed look like this!

Happy tiling!

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