free digital download! DIY our soap dispensers.

When we were renovating our bathroom last year I kept looking for unique soap dispensers – something that was a little modern but yet could still fit our fairly fun and traditional bathroom. I couldn’t find what I wanted so I decided to make it instead.

I love the amber bottles that are ever so popular right now, but wanted to make them a little more fun by incorporating giant bold letters on them with white vinyl. You too can achieve this look by downloading the PDF for the letters that I used for the bottles below.

I have four in the series that you can make depending on what you fill your bottles with.

  • H – for hand soap
  • D – for dish soap – if you want to put them in your kitchen
  • S – for just soap!
  • L – for lotion

I ordered these 16 ounce bottles online. The letters are designed to fit these exact bottles so if you buy different ones you might have to size them up or down slightly.

I took my PDFs to a local sign shop and had them cut the vinyl for me, but if you have a Cricut or know someone that does then that is a great option, too.

Installing vinyl is super easy. There are million videos out there on YouTube to get you started and don’t worry about all the little air bubbles – they will smooth out in 24-48 hours!

Download the letters for free here:

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