kitchen lighting – pendants & sconces

I’ve been wanting to change the pendants and the wall sconce in our kitchen for some time now. I can’t begin to tell you how much time I’ve spent researching fixtures. One day I like industrial, next I want something classic. I honestly cannot make up my mind.

I think I’ve settled on a set of pendants though. It’s been a little tricky to find one that I like that is not wider than six inches. SO many of the pretty ones right now are giant and I wish I had the space for them! Below is the pendant I am currently leaning towards from Rejuvenation. It has the classic feel that I am looking for (right now), plus I love the shape of the shade. I also figured if I was to get bored with them in a few years I could at least switch out the shade for a fresher feel.

Unfortunately, my brain is ALL over the space on the fixture above the window. I don’t even know where to start on that one. I’ve already purchased two lights to try there and haven’t liked them so I am definitely not buying any more until I am 100 percent certain on it!

Below is an assortment of pendants and sconces that I have been admiring for some time now. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that navy sconce from Etsy SO much, but I just don’t think it work in the kitchen. I also really love the green pendants (sadly too wide though), but I would absolutely put those in my kitchen!



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