the rug is here!

Yep, I’m writing an entire blog post about our new living room rug as part of our living room refresh. Here’s why – I always see people sharing these rugs, tempting me to buy them, but then I never really know what I am getting or if I will like it. SO I thought I would give you my full opinion on this one since it is a pretty popular item right now and I do see them everywhere.

To start – I bought this rug. It is not sponsored.

Next, I purchased the LOLOI LL Layla Collection Classic Area Rug from Amazon (it was the best price I found for these rugs).

Size: 9 x 12


ignore the pink couch and the all pillows… we’re in the process of getting this room together

I’ve seen these rugs floating around the internet for some time now and they always look gorgeous and the price is too good to pass up – so what’s the catch? Can they really be that good?

The short answer – yes, they actually are. They are super soft. I really like how these feel under your feet. They have a slight cushion on them, but are even better with a good rug pad. I think it will do a pretty good job hiding any dirt or stains, because the pattern is pretty busy. Plus vacuuming is a breeze and nothing catches on it! In general it is just a really pretty rug. The colors area really pretty – deep tones, too. And I love the little bit of a fade that the rug has from one end to the next.

apologies if this makes you dizzy, but I want you to see the gradient from one end to the next.

Is there a catch? Kinda – but I think its more preference than anything. This rug is a printed design, which is why it is so affordable. It gives the appearance of a vintage rug, but without all of the pretty textures, natural materials and hand-knotted love that goes into making one. Can you tell that it’s printed? If you get up close, yes. But from a far, no. And even then the printed look is not bad IMO.

Note: not all loloi rugs are printed, but if the price is too good to be true (especially for the size) then chances are it is printed. Be sure to check the materials before you buy so you know what you are getting.

up close

Honestly, these rugs are a great option for anyone that is wanting the look of a vintage rug, but not wanting to fully invest in one. They can get expensive and tastes can change over time. And these ones are very affordable when it comes to needing anything 8 x 10 or larger.

Also, they have a lot of colors and patterns to choose from. I also have this one by my entry and I love it. The colors are beautiful. Below are a few links to other color and pattern options from Loloi.

Loloi Skye Collection

Loloi Loren Collection

Loloi Layla Collection

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