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We spend a lot of time on our patio in the summer. After work we have a drink and eat dinner out there. On the weekends you can usually find us entertaining some family member, group of friends or lounging on the couches well past midnight watching the lightning bugs (they are my favorite part of summer).

But no matter what we are doing we A L W A Y S have music playing in the background (this little bluetooth speaker has been a lifesaver for us). Here are some of our favorite stations, songs we have on repeat or albums this summer.

Amy Winehouse Radio on Pandora

You don’t have to like Amy Winehouse to like this station. We discovered it a few months ago and now it’s our go-to. They rarely play Amy on it and instead play a lot of fun upbeat bluesy/jazzy covers from today. It’s been the station that we typically play when we have friends over and it’s fun for everyone to play guess who sings this. Honestly, the covers are so good you can’t remember who sang the original or what the original even sounded like.

Stay by Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs

Does it ring a bell? No? Think Dirty Dancing (one of the best movies ever). It’s from their soundtrack. We were recently in a little shop downtown Saugatuck and they were playing it and it instantly put us in a good mood so we bought it later that day.

Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

I will admit we are not huge country music fans, but every now we come across a good one that we both really love and this song is just that. It’s so mellow and has truly become one of my favorites to listen to this summer.

Big Little Lies Season One Soundtrack by Various Artists

Moody music at its best. A few Elvis covers, Leon Bridges, Alabama Shakes and Charles Bradley. SO GOOD. It’s a good one to just put on and play all the way through and unwind from a long day.

Babel by Mumford and Sons

It’s old, but we still love it. Plus if you are stuck outside doing projects and need a little boost, this one will definitely get you through the painting, mowing and endless yard work.

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