saving space in small closets

Living in an old home usually means that you don’t have the luxury of a walk-in closet – I guess they just didn’t hoard clothing the way we do now than in the fifties!

Actually, this is the first time in 15 years as a couple that we’ve had to share a closet and of course it happens to be the smallest one that we’ve ever had! Last summer when we were renovating the master bathroom we knew that we were cutting into the second closet in our bedroom to make room for a larger vanity and that meant we would be down to one closet for the both of us. We decided that the best way to go was with a custom closet system (see below), and although I would love to do that in every closet in my house, I know that it’s also expensive and it’s not something that want to do right now (wall paper is Hygge & West if you are wondering).

SO – here are my favorite items to make the most out of your closet. We use a lot of these in our closet (we are still sharing even if the space has been maximized with a system!) and we do have a lot of these in our guest bedroom closet, too. The great thing is almost every item is under $20 – most are just $10!

1.The Hang Everything Hanger

WHY? There is a space and place for just about anything you would ever need to hang! Plus they are great for traveling – especially during wedding season!

2. The Multi-Pants Hanger

WHY? Four pair of pants on one hanger means you have more space to buy more pants! Plus they swing open which makes it easier overall.

3. Adjustable Shelf Dividers

WHY? If you have that long shelf on top of your closet and you just pile up sweaters, why not try to keep them organized? These guys are great for just that!

4. See-Thru Linen Boxes

WHY? I love these for scarves and sweaters. The clear outside means you don’t need to label it and you also don’t forget what you own because you can see it!

5. Hanger Clips

WHY? These are the best invention ever. If you are like me and do a seasonal clean out of your closet (okay maybe yearly?) these are great because they convert your hangers into skirt hangers really quickly and then back to to regular hangers when you pair down your clothing. These ones are meant for velvet hangers, because the no slip is just the way to go!

6. Hooks

WHY? What do you do with belts? A simple hook can help! Here are two options – smaller, single ones if you want to organize by size of belt or one larger hook to hang them all. I have the larger hook and then I add my baseball caps on them too.

7. The All-in-One Hanging Shelf with Hamper

WHY? This is great for kids or anyone that has the space in their closet or needs to make extra room for some foldable items. Plus, the detachable hanging hamper is amazing! Anything like that that can be hidden behind a closet door is a plus in my book!

8. Cedar Rings with Lavender

WHY? Save your clothes with these little cedar rings that just go directly on your hanger. Plus the additional lavender makes all your clothes smell lovely.

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