clever wifi names

Recently we had to change something with our internet which meant we had to rename our wifi – when it dawned me… why do we keep using the same boring name? I started to google wifi names and there are some really good ones out there. We settled on, “is it me you’re looking for?” – which has been really fun when friends and family come over trying to connect on our wifi.

Below is a round up of my favorites. Maybe it will inspire a change for you, too!

  1. Tell My WiFi I Love Her
  2. No Signal
  3. Call Me for Password
  4. Pretty Fly for a Wifi
  5. Dora the Internet Explorer
  6. No Wifi For You
  7. Dunder MiffLAN
  8. Go Go Gadget Internet
  9. FBI Surveillance Van
  10. Silence of the LAN
  11. The Password Is 1234
  12. AccioWifi
  13. Luke, I am your Wifi
  14. This is not the WiFi you are looking for
  15. Check your credit card
  16. Our internet is faster than yours
  17. Wifi not working
  18. It’s a Small World Wide Web
  19. WiFight the Inevitable?
  20. Free Public Wi-Fi
  21. Horcrux
  22. Nacho Wifi
  23. Help, I’m Trapped in a Router!
  24. Area 51
  25. I Pronounce you Man and WiFi
  26. Keep it on the Download
  27. Man Cave
  28. Lord Voldemodem
  29. Searching…
  30. Top Secret Network
  31. Password is Password
  32. Alohomora
  33. The LAN Before Time
  34. Not In Range
  35. Access Denied
  36. Hello, It’s me
  37. Very Slow Internet
  38. Winter WonderLAN
  39. Jump on the Bandwidth
  40. Open Sesame
  41. Winternet Is Coming
  42. Cup of Sugar
  43. For Sale Inquire Within
  44. Modem Family
  45. Chance the Router
  46. Drop it like its HotSpot
  47. Will Connect for Beer
  48. Free For One Day
  49. Mom, Click This One
  50. Connection Lost

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