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I’m planning a little refresh in our living room. There was nothing wrong with it. It just has been the room that over time collected a variety of things and never felt like it had purpose.

Here is what it currently looks like:

Last year after finishing the master bathroom, I decided I wanted to change the mantle to something with cleaner lines, so we changed it to this:

I sat on it over the winter and realized that it still wasn’t what I wanted so I recently painted it a warmer white for a little contrast. Here is what it looks like today (ignore the paint supplies, I was anxious to take a photo!):

The color is Benjamin Moore’s White Dove and I love it. It has now set up a direction for the rest of the space. Here is the mood board I am currently working with for the space.

I bought the rug already and am looking to tone down the couch with a slip cover since reupholstering it would cost the same as getting a new one. The coffee table is just for inspiration, but I do think I want a wood one. I’m debating between these chairs or these chairs, but I think I will ultimately wait to see what the rug looks like before I make any decisions. I would love leather for the warmth, but not sure if that’s in the budget.

I already updated the curtains to these white ones. The mirror is staying above the couch and I added the old bike art from the dining room since its the only place in the house that has a wall big enough for it.

We are also working on making the fireplace usable again. We’ve looked into both gas and electric fireplace options and are leaning towards a gas install – hopefully sometime this summer so that it will be ready for the upcoming cold Michigan winter.

At the end of the day I want this room to be cozy, a little moody with some fun added to it, a little modern mixed with traditional and where we go to get a little peace and quiet.

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